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According to a report from Sign House, the Opensea platform collected a total of $1.8 bn in fees and collected a revenue of more than $500 mn in 2022 (more than 31.73% of the total collected fee amount).

Opensea NFT marketplace has more than one million users, and the figure might increase due to the innovative features incorporated in the platform.

So, developing and deploying an OpenSea-like business model will help investors amplify their investments in a short period.

A fine-tuned NFT platform like Opensea can be developed using the Opensea clone script. An Opensea clone script is a white-label NFT script that can be customized and enables instant yet effective deployment of an NFT marketplace like Opensea.

An Opensea clone script contains cutting-edge features that facilitate the cost-effective development of NFT platforms like Opensea.

Opensea clone script can be integrated with the revenue sources and other user-focused revenue modules according to the NFT marketplace requirements.

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