How do producers manage grain temperature monitoring systems?

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Producers manage the crops/ grains through a grain temperature monitoring system.


Grain temperature monitoring systems are used in order to detect any possible changes or anomalies within the grain. Any changes or abnormalities can be detected early on which will allow for issues to be dealt with before they become a problem and help to prevent any loss of product quality, quantity and value. Monitoring of the temperature during storage is very important as it identifies potential problems that may lead to significant economic losses particularly due to spoilage. 

There are no limits to the types of grains that these systems can monitor; however, generally, they are developed for specific products but there are some companies that develop generic solutions so they can work across different commodity types. This ultimately provides them with more flexibility when choosing what products to use them to monitor. To ensure performance levels are met, the equipment required for grain temperature monitoring must be suitable for measuring the properties of the product without any error or false readings.


There are different systems available for moisture monitoring systems to keep a track of the temperature of stored grains; however, they all work in a similar fashion using Grain Temp Guard Probes Alarm - HT and DT  placed inside specific locations within the storage facility in order to take measurements continuously and record them. There is also digital software available that can store data, send notifications if needed, and track changes over time while providing an interface that is easy to use by both operators and management personnel to review information. These devices can save companies money as timely alerts about potential issues provide more opportunities for corrective actions taken reducing losses caused by spoilage which can lead to significant cost savings.

Key Farming Equipment required for grain temperature monitoring systems

The key equipment components needed for managing the grain temperature monitoring system include; Grain Temp Guard Probes Alarm - HT and DT, computer software, and as well as a probe monitor that acts as the main control unit.

 The Grain Temp Guard Probes Alarm - HT and DT are typically placed into different positions within the storage facility such as the roof, floor, and walls where there is a higher risk of loss due to spoilage. When measurements taken by the probe indicate undesirable values; an alarm will be alerted to notify people in order to take corrective actions and prevent any further loss and damage.  The monitor serves as the controller which monitors all of the sensors and receiving data from them, it does this continuously even when there is no malfunction ensuring readings remain accurate throughout use. It has an easy-to-read interface with multiple displays showing results at the same time allowing the company to take quick decisions.

When monitoring temperature within storage facilities, there are some variables that can be measured; these include:

  •  the surface temperature at different locations, 
  • depth of penetration into the grain, and 
  • air temperature.

 Apart from helping reduce costs, prevent spoilage and loss caused by damages that may arise it also provides peace of mind as an extra safety measure in case any problems would arise. This does require specific equipment to ensure accurate readings so companies must remember this when considering what they need for their particular application. For more information on managing grain temperature monitoring systems please visit us at



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