Tips to find the right school for your kid when moving to a new location

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Moving is a tiring activity and can often be a challenging process, but it opens up opportunities for new beginnings.

Moving is a tiring activity and can often be a challenging process, but it opens up opportunities for new beginnings. It can allow you to rediscover new ways to look at life, connect with new people, and give you and your family a bright, happy future. And if you have a school-age kid, it means finding new options to provide them with better education. 

While finding the right school will help your child develop solid skills for future success, it can be a challenging process - essentially, when you are moving to a new location, the educational opportunities of which you are not aware. In this situation, you should research and explore the available options based on your and your kid's needs. 

Choose the right time to move

Factors deciding your moving time could be different, many of which may not necessarily be in your control. But if you have the liberty and freedom to determine the time of your move, you may wish to think about what can be the right time to relocate based on your kid's education. Moving during the school year may allow them to meet new friends and adapt to the new environment fast. Alternatively, moving during vacation may help them adjust to the new changes before they get new admissions.

Keep necessary documents ready

Keep important educational documents ready, so you can effortlessly register your kid at the new school. Doing this in advance (before moving) will save your time since you do not have to figure out where you kept them during the moving process. Some essential documents may include your kid's report card, copies of completed exam recommendation letters from teachers/principals, address of the last attended school, list of prizes received, immunization records etc. The type of documents needed may vary from one school to another, so it may help keep as many necessary records as possible.

Find trustworthy recommendations

Seeking experts' recommendations helps find the right educational institute for your child. For example, real estate agents usually have valuable insights on local educational facilities and may be well-positioned to provide you with essential facts and statistics about the schools. Real estate listings can also have nearby school information details.

Another way to gather information is to use social media to seek recommendations from people you can trust to deliver unbiased opinions. When it comes to finding the best information about schools, nothing could beat parents. So, if possible, connect with them, including parents in your neighborhoods, who may know something to help you make a better decision.  

Visit schools in person

Once you have enlisted a few schools based on your research, you can visit the schools personally if possible. See the classrooms, meet the faculty and staff, talk to the principal, teacher, and guardians to get some clarity about the school's overall quality and learning environment. Knowing informed answers to these questions can help one make better decisions. "Does the school conduct meaningful activities for the overall development of students?" "How well the teachers are trained and monitored?" "How much homework is assigned to the students on a given day?" "How old is the school, and what has its track record been?" etc.

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