Pleasing Wrong Customer

An organization has to take many things into account, when it deals with wrong customer.  The selection of right approach with the wrong customer is an appropriate step in the process of pleasing the wrong customer.

To please a customer who is wrong, a sales person has to be calm at the time of dealing. If a customer is not satisfied with the service/product, sales person should hear customer requirements and all complains calmly. After the receiving of complain, the sales person should offer another options that can match customer expectations (Small Biz Link, 2012). At the same time, sales person should not take anything personally, so that he/she can deal easily with the customers, who are wrong. Through such approach, an individual can hear anything from a customer that is wrong.


The dealing person can also please a customer with effective communication that contains polite behavior. Polite behavior of sales person can convince even a wrong customer to stay within the relationship. A sales person can please wrong customer to provide some of discounts in next visit, when customer think that sales person is charging too much (Padgham, 2005). The pleasing of wrong customer by sales person totally depends on skills and ability to tackle customer. The assessment of patience process at the time of dealing wrong customer can easily please such customers (Hess Goetz, 2008). Thus, it is important to stay calm, not to take anything personally, polite, and patience at the time to handle the wrong customer in such way that he/she not move towards another provider.



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