Make the Switch to TV PLANTATION an IPTV: Here's Why

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2020 was massive for streaming service providers in terms of traffic and revenue. The novel coronavirus (CoVid-19) forced people across the world to lockdown in their homes. Naturally, most of us turned to the television for all our information and entertainment needs.


Whether you want news updates, the latest celebrity gossip, or pure unadulterated entertainment, the TV is there for you. Television is a huge part of American lives, whether we admit it or not. In 2020, an average American consumer spent around 3.5 hours watching TV daily. However, with subscription services, rentals, cable, and pay-per-view channels, it can become pricey. This is why many cable and satellite subscribers are making the switch to IPTV.


What is IPTV?

IPTV is an abbreviation used for Internet Protocol Television. It uses internet access to stream television services instead of the traditional cable and satellite mediums. It utilizes Internet Protocol (IP) networks as a transport mechanism to deliver TV channels and videos to you. Using IPTV is akin to browsing the Internet rather than conventional channel surfing. When you request a particular TV program or video content, data-packets are sent to you from various servers through the Internet.


Why Switch to IPTV?

IPTV has virtually no disadvantages, as it's fast, reliable, and easy-to-use. Here are some of the many benefits of using IPTV services:

Easy on your pocket

If your cable bill is taking a significant chunk out of your account balance, this advantage will undoubtedly seem attractive. An IPTV subscription is significantly cheaper than its cable and satellite counterparts. You can access all the same channels, and then some, all at a fraction of the cost. IPTV's pricing is unmatched by any other traditional TV packages.

Expansive Features and Channel Selection Options

Another considerable advantage of IPTV is that it offers a massive collection of channels. You will find way more channels on IPTV than on cable TV. Additionally, you will also have access to international media. If that isn't enough, you can also pre-program your IPTV service to watch what you want, when you want! You can access your favorite TV shows at the time of your choosing, even if you've missed the live airing. You also have the option of streaming live events such as the Academy Awards or UFC fights. IPTV has many more features that you can access apart from this, such as music on-demand, start-over TV, weather information, video recorder, and more!

A Reliable and Convenient Alternative

With cable TV, you can't record your favorite shows to watch later. On the other hand, IPTV has a record feature that you can use to view your favorite shows at any time of the day. On top of this, you can access IPTV services through more than just your TV. You may use these services through your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop PC. Unlike cable TV, you can use the same IPTV account on multiple devices without having to pay additional fees. For the ultimate IPTV experience, all you need is a good Wi-Fi service provider. After that, you're all set!



IPTV is taking over the television and media-consuming world by storm. This rapid rise in IPTV consumption is not without justification. Its many advantages are that it provides value for money, comes with extensive built-in features, offers a broad and vast category of channels, and has established itself as a reliable and convenient alternative to traditional cable and satellite TV. If you're ready to make the switch, visit TV Plantation's ® website, and subscribe now!


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