TV Plantation Joined The Rise Of “Cut The Cable” IPTV Services In The USA

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All of us have watched and loved the quality time watching cartoons and news on the old traditional TVs. However, cable TV service consumption and viewership have dropped over recent years.
The conventional cable systems only allow you to watch one movie or one episode of a serial at

The Rise of IPTV

IPTV is not like internet content streaming but works the same way with different technology. With IPTV services, you have a plethora of options to explore. According to a market survey, the number of IPTV consumers is inclining steadily.

Apart from the consumers, TV manufacturers are also collaborating with the IPTV service providers to provide built-in IP-hardware that adds more value to the product. Another report by PwC shows that only about two-thirds of US media-consuming households have conventional cable TV subscriptions.


The outdated cable TV networks are turning obsolete while IPTV services are rapidly rising to the top. Although various IPTV services are available in the market, the newly introduced IPTV service in the USA, known as TV Plantation, has shaken the market by the core.

IPTV Services by TV Plantation

With its outstanding services, TV Plantation® has quickly taken over the media consumers by storm. It is a fantastic technology and the best alternative to traditional television systems. It is a “cut the cable” TV service that gives unlimited services while drastically cutting down your cable expense. It uses Internet Protocol (IP) networks as a transport mechanism and provides TV channels and content.

There are several reasons people are storming to get the TV plantation, and here are some of them to help you unleash the best!

  1. A 7-Days Free Trial: The TV plantation app gives its new customers a 7-days free trial to discover the app and its service.
  2. 4000+ Channels: The app offers over 4000 local, international channels, live channels, movies, videos, series, and much more.
  3. Cuts Down The Cable Cost: TV Plantation is a very cost-efficient service and drastically cuts down a traditional cable service expenditure while providing much more value for money.
  4. Channels From Over 100 Countries: While streaming on TV Plantation, you do not need any external devices or VPNs to view the content from other countries as it offers channels from over 100 countries. You can find multiple channels on the app streaming content from the USA, UK, Europe, Asia, Australia, Middle East, and Africa. 
  5. Faster Streaming: TV Plantation guarantees faster streaming compared to the regular television systems as it works through the IP network system. The faster the Internet, the faster the streaming. With this IPTV service, you can binge-watch your favorite content on the go. You can also skip the parts that you don’t like or find boring, which you can never do on regular television.
  6. Customized Channel Listing: The app allows you to categorize and arrange your favorite channels according to your preference. It is the best feature if you always find it troublesome to find your favorite TV channel.
  7. Built-In Video Player: The app comes with a built-in video player, which means you can run it on any device without any additional video player software.
  8. Streaming On Multiple Devices: The app allows streaming over five devices at a time. With this technology in hand, you can have your budget maintained pretty well.
  9. Parental Controls: The app comes with a parental control feature, which allows you to manage the content for your kids to watch. With this app, you can easily regulate your family’s exposure to the media. 
  10. Chromecast: With TV plantation, there are endless opportunities; the app comes with Chromecast, which allows you to cast your content to external TV devices for a bigger and better view.

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