TV Plantation Rejuvenate Internet Television Streaming At Its Best

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TV Plantation is bringing back internet television streaming with its premium television services. It delivers all your favorite television programs and other on-demand streaming services from around the globe in different languages. It is currently emerging as one of the best online strea

The TV Plantation Android TV App is built as a NATIVE and comes with a built-in video player to support a wide range of standard codecs, including 4K video formats. It stands out as an online streaming platform because of the unique features it offers at an affordable price. Here are 9 reasons why you should consider subscribing to TV Plantation. 

1.      Stream On 4 Screens Simultaneously

Want to subscribe to an online streaming service that you can share with friends and family? Opt for the multi-screen option that allows all users to watch up on 4 screens simultaneously. The quick streaming service is easy-to-use, so if you are looking for a night-in on a Saturday, you don't have to worry about getting screen time.

2.      EPG Support

Plantation TV comes with an EPG Support (Electronic Program Guide) that makes it easier to understand all the necessary information about the programs, such as program names, upcoming programs, and a lot more. There is a complete EPG for every channel available. That's quite a range, isn't it? Having a variety to choose from will never be a problem anymore!  

3.      Recording and Casting Options

As working adults, we get caught up in our busy lives, running errands, and slowing down to catch our breath. It's normal to jolt up and suddenly remember that one program or show we said we would watch. But it's late now, and you feel too tired and exhausted to muster up any energy to sit through a show.

TV Plantation offers an easy-to-use recording feature that will allow you to record live shows and watch them later whenever you wish. Premium users also get to enjoy chrome casting to cast video, series, or channel to their desired external TV devices such as an Android device, Firestick, and on TV Plantation's own WebTV. It supports Samsung TV and other widely-used TV brands.

4.      We All Want Some Personalization

Do you find yourself making a mental note of all the shows/movies you have been recommended to watch? Well, say goodbye to taking mental notes. You can now make a proper list of your favorite live shows, videos, or series with TV Plantation to browse through on a lazy weekend casually.

5.      Parental Controls

If you have an underage child or children in the house, use the parental control feature to keep an eye out. Set up parental controls that place viewing restrictions on selected devices. With TV Plantation, you can control and keep track of everything that your children watch in your absence.

6.      News Channels

Unlike many other online streaming platforms, TV Plantation offers an excellent selection of news channels like FOX, CBS, NBC, and other local channels. Stream your favorite live news and sports channels whenever you want!

7.      Affiliate Program

TV Plantation is among the very few online streaming platforms offering an innovative Affiliate Program to allow its users to make money AND enjoy quality entertainment. Users who choose to be a part of it can earn up to 5% from the subscription plan payment. They will also be given a $5 bonus to sign-up for the Plantation TV.

8.      iPad Streaming:

Many users are often worried about whether they can stream on an iPad or not. Plantation TV is also one of those few streaming platforms that allow its users to stream on their Apple devices easily without downloading any app. They can access the WebTV from the official website of TV Plantation.

9.      Enjoy A Free Trial!

Hurry up and start your 7-day free trial today by quickly signing up. We know that signing up for trials is strenuous because service-providers often demand credit card details upfront… but you don't have to do with TV Plantation. Take advantage of this quickly!


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