Technologies used by app development companies in 2021

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Development of mobile applications by using today’s technology and satisfying a lot of user preferences is quite tough. Let’s make a quick review of the facts.

As the world is leaving behind in 2020 and entering 2021, a lot of things are changing. While sometimes it may not be easy to grasp what exactly had been changed, we can attempt to make an educated guess based on current technologies and trends that are currently influencing the IT industry. We have adopted this approach from our latest research titled "Tools Technologies Landscape for Mobile App Development, 2017" which provides a unique perspective into how app development services in USA will evolve in the coming years.


This article aims to provide you with a glimpse into what might happen in 2021 based on the trends that we have observed in this report. The trends presented below were selected by considering their influence on mobile app development over the last years as well as their potential impact on the IT industry in 2021 and beyond.


'Mobile First' as a primary focus-

Mobile apps have been growing dramatically over the last few years, with mobile app usage expected to reach 5 billion users by 2020. In this scenario, it is extremely important for organizations to provide an excellent user experience on all of their software products that use a mobile platform - including web applications. Moreover, since many organizations are moving towards digital transformation strategies, this trend will be even more prominent for hybrid app development services. This paradigm shift has already started happening in 2016 with the release of "Build Once Publish Everywhere" which was a key theme during Google's I/O conference where they also announced "mobile-first indexing" to achieve improved crawling and indexing of mobile web pages.


Cross-platform app development is considered an essential practice-

As organizations would like to build their products once and publish them across multiple platforms (web and mobile apps), they need to focus on delivering a consistent user

experience across different devices. This is where we expect 'cross platform' or 'multi-platform for android app development companies frameworks such as React Native to gain much more importance in 2021 as this technology allows you to reuse 90% of the code across iOS, Android, and UWP platforms. From our perspective, these types of frameworks should be adopted by most developers that are looking into creating modern mobile with features such as push notifications, offline modes, real-time updates, and fast app performance.


Impact of Artificial Intelligences(AL) Machine Learning (ML) -

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are developing rapidly with tools like TensorFlow becoming more mainstream. It has influenced the app development services in India in an advanced way. This is also reflected in Google's recent decision to open-source its TensorFlow Lite mobile inference technology on GitHub. Based on this information, we expect that future mobile applications will include voice recognition, natural language processing, and speech synthesis capabilities - all of which are powered by AI/ML technologies. Moreover, combining these intelligence services with augmented reality (AR) could trigger the development of 'intelligent apps' that have a high degree of personalization and interact with their users in ways that mimic human conversations.


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