How to Say Sorry with Flowers

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How to Say Sorry with Flowers - Get Best method

 Guilty of something? Hurt a friend? Said something rude? Apologising is the best way to mend any relationship and of course, what better way to say sorry than to send flowers and write a card? The best way to make someone feel loved and to honestly apologise is to make an online flower delivery in Gurgaon and write to them how apologetic you are for even remotely hurting their feelings. Make a genuine effort to apologise sincerely and see the magic happen. But, what flowers are symbolic of a sincere apology? Let’s find out:



Roses are such a species of flowers that go with many occasions. Lovers, friends, family- whoever it may be- roses come in variety of colours to suit mostly all occasions. To mend relations or make peace with someone, send them a bunch of white roses. If you want to add a flair to your already existing relationship, have a bunch of yellow roses delivered to them. Write a sweet note expressing what the person means to you, and write the emotions you could not express through words. Have them know what those flowers signify and how much you value your relationship with them.


  1. White orchids.


Orchids signify sincerity. As beautiful as they are, their nature of expressing concern reflects in their form. These flowers are pretty long-lasting hence the ones you give these to will signify that you want them to have the apology for a long time and that you genuinely are sorry. Orchids make an impression that you are really rooting for a lasting relationship with them. Put some effort and attach a sincere note with it. If you are unable to give it to them personally, send flowers online and make a difference.


  1. White Tulips.


White is the symbol of peace and well, tulips signify the beginning of a relationship. Tulips are often available in a wide variety of colours. However for a sincere apology to be meant, white tulips make the best option. Tulips are also very elegant and tall flowers. They signify happiness and serenity. For sure, the recipient of a bunch of white tulip flowers will be sure to forgive you.


  1. Ivy flowers.


Ivy flowers are symbolic of an undying loyalty. With star-shaped structured, they make for a striking appearance and will immediately win the heart of the recipient. A  pretty, little note with a bunch of white, ivy flowers can make for a really genuine apology. Ivy flowers are also associated with immortality and a perennial life which symbolises of an evergreen relationship. Strong affection, attachment and fidelity is their strong suit.


  1. Lily of the valley.


A pretty delicate and fragile plant, this flower is to be handled with responsibility and delicately, just like the relationship you share with the recipient of this flower and yourself. Arguments and misunderstandings can be very tricky for the relationship between two people and this flower will help you restore peace and calm in the relationship. This flower shall rejuvenate the sweetness in the relationship and make you look forward to a lasting relationship.


  1. Ornithogalum.


A pure white, star-shaped beauty is a masterpiece. This six petalled flower helps mend differences and relationship with its beauty alone. Having its name associated with the birth of Jesus, the flower makes for a strong case of apology. It embraces an astute meaning of peace, happiness and purity. Hope for a better relationship is clearly associated when someone gifts this flower to you. This flower is also famously known as “Star of Bethlehem”, for its biblical associations.


An online flower bouquet delivery can be the best idea to mend relationships when things get sore. To make things easier and smoother for the both sender and receiver, Bloomsvilla provides for the best option to make an online flower delivery in Pune on same day. So, you do not even have to delay apologising for making things wrong for the person you love and you can actually send flowers and let them symbolically interpret the message. Good quality flowers at reasonable prices is their forte and that is how you make your loved ones and your wallet happy!

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