Osteotomy - A Surgical Procedure to Correct Bone Deformities

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Osteotomy is a surgical technique that is performed to correct some bone-related conditions caused genetically, due to an injury, or as a result of a disease.

Certain orthopedic injuries, diseases, or other conditions require surgical intervention for the treatment. It often requires the use of trauma implants and instruments. One of the commonly performed orthopedic surgeries is osteotomy, and this will be our topic of discussion in the post.

This surgical technique also requires the use of orthopedic instruments and implants for the stabilization of operated bone.

This surgical technique is most commonly performed to treat damaged joints in people caused due to arthritis. The joints affected may be knee or hip joints. Besides this, the osteotomy is also an effective procedure for the treatment of orthopedic conditions in the jaw, spine, and toe. It can be a complex or simple procedure, but that will depend upon the location and severity of the condition.

To correct limb deformities, an osteotomy is also performed in people who are undergoing limb reconstruction. It is also considered to be an alternative option to total knee replacement in younger ones and adults. Let us talk about how this type of surgery is performed.

What Is the Procedure for Osteotomy?

Osteotomy is a surgical procedure that requires the application of anesthesia as it involves cutting of skin and then damaged bone. The type of anesthesia given will depend upon the location of the osteotomy performed. Sometimes, general anesthesia is given which makes the patient fall asleep during surgery. While in some cases, local anesthesia is given that only numbs the site to be operated on. If osteotomy is required to be performed in the lower part of the body, an anesthetic jab in the spine may also be preferred. This type of anesthesia results in numbing of the complete body below the waist, and the patient will stay awake while the surgery is being carried out.

Application of anesthesia is always the first thing doctors will do during osteotomy. Once this is done, a small cut in the skin will be made by the doctor on the site to be operated on. Here, the surgeon will use a special guide wire to measure the bone, and then a bone section will be removed using a special surgical cutter. Cutting the section will create a space in between the bone and that space can be filled in few ways depending upon the situation.

In some cases, the doctor prefers the application of orthopedic implant plates and bone screws to stabilize the bone fragments and ensure correct bone alignment. Orthopedic implants used may either be permanent or temporary. While on the other hand, sometimes bone graft may also be required to fill the space, and metal-made implants are again required to hold that in place.

Are There Any Risks Associated with Osteotomy?

Almost all surgical procedures are risky, some have high risk while some have low. Similarly, an osteotomy is also known to have some associated risks, and they may include:

  • Problem with anesthesia
  • Blood clotting
  • Infection
  • Damage to nerve
  • Scar tissue
  • Damage to artery
  • Chronic pain
  • Stiffness in the joint

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