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Vanan Translation is a well known and reputed brand in the translation industry. Our translation services are greatly demanded by every industry, businesses, and individuals. We are the largest translation service provider in the whole of the United States. Our range of industries covered and the type of translation done are huge.

We provide the best translation services for documents, audios, and videos. These include various types of files from a handwritten script to an academic record, a song to a legal recorded statement, a movie to a presentation and more.

One of the major reasons why industries and individuals prefer hiring us for their translation projects is our language support. We offer our translation services in more than 100 languages concentrating more on quality and high accuracy. Our procedure of work includes industry experts working with translators and linguistic specialists to provide output with at least 98% accuracy.

Our workflow also involves multiple layers of quality check, which helps our team in maintaining precise translated files. And the best part is that all this comes at very affordable rates.