These are a few of the Most Critical Elements that May Make or Break Your Online Store.

When a professional eCommerce web design firm creates your website, it is imperative to incorporate mobile responsive capabilities. There are a few really important decisions. One concern is how your website will handle "device detection." To make your website mobile-friendly, the designer will create a mobile version of your primary site.

It will contain the same content & pages but will be presented differently, making it suitable for mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc. When visitors and customers access your eCommerce website, you'll want to present them with the most relevant version. If they are using a laptop or desktop computer, you want them to view the complete version.

Even if they are visiting on a mobile device, you want them to be instantly sent to the mobile view. This is known as device detection. It is the process of your website automatically recognizing whether a visitor is using a mobile device or not and routing them appropriately. So that they have no problems.

When evaluating an eCommerce web design company, inquire about its approach to device identification. This is a crucial question; therefore, thank them for their time and go on to the next applicant if they cannot provide the correct response. Did you know there are at least TWO ways for device detection? Client-side and server-side device detection are the types.

Client-side setup is simpler and less expensive. Nonetheless, it is only compatible with more recent phones and can drastically increase website load times for all mobile visitors. Server-side programming is more difficult to set up but typically performs far better. Choose the most competent eCommerce web design agency that "gets it."

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