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In order to draw attention to a message or convey emotion, this article describes how to utilize emoticons in outgoing Yahoo emails. If you send your emails in plain text, this option won't be available.

Graphical smileys can be added to Yahoo Mail messages.
To add emoticons to your Yahoo Mail messages:

To start a new email, click Compose at the top of the email page.

the inbox of Yahoo Mail.
Enter the body of the email you just sent.

using Yahoo Mail to create an email.
Wherever you want an emoji to appear, place the cursor there.

a Yahoo Mail insertion point.
In the formatting toolbar at the bottom of the email, choose Insert emojis. It appears to be a happy face.

Yahoo Mail's Emoji Insert feature.
To add an emoji to your message, select one from the list.

Yahoo Mail's emoji insert menu.
The emoticons won't show up if the recipient's email program doesn't support HTML emails.

Other Applications of the Formatting Toolbar
You can alter the look of your sent messages in additional ways by using the formatting toolbar. Using it, you can add a color to the text or make a portion of the text bold or italic. It can be used to create an indentation, insert a list format, and change the alignment of the text on the screen. Using the toolbar, you can also input links and artwork.



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