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Wordle appeared first. Then the countless Wordle ripoffs appeared. One of them is the sneaky word game Dordle, which won't let you escape the hook easily. You can only enter one word guess at a time, but you must guess two five-letter words simultaneously. Confused? Get it by playing it.

Guilherme Tows, an independent game developer who goes by the moniker Zaratustra Productions, is the creator of Dordle. Tows attributes Wordle, which is referred to as "wordle plus wordle," for inspired Dordle.

I easily overcame the first Dordle I attempted and was feeling rather assured. With Dordle, you can keep playing with new puzzles, unlike Wordle. When I tried the following one, I correctly spelled the word on the right side but completely mispronounced the word on the left. My novice's luck failed to last.

Dordle3 Click to Enlarge
This was my second effort at Dordle, and it was also my first time failing.

Picture taken by Amanda Kooser for CNET
You might find some helpful tips in the user comments below the game regarding how to deal with Dordle. However, before you start looking for assistance, you might simply want to give it a shot on your own.

If Wordle is too easygoing for you and you want to challenge your brain a little more, Dordle ought to provide some fun times. or tense situations. or either.

Wordle cannot be replaced with Dordle. It's a unique creature with two heads and some attitude. That's what makes it interesting and difficult.