3-in-1 Super Facial Treatment

The super OxyGeneo facial treatment enriches your skin with oxygen with infusion and exfoliating benefits. The 3-pronged benefits include oxygenation, exfoliation, and infusion.

While oxygenation helps repair the skin, exfoliation removes all dirt and debris from within. Lastly, the treatment includes an infusion of active ingredients to further the beneficial effect on the skin. OxyGeneo facial treatment is quite effective as it enables oxygen to reach the area of the application effectively, thereby repairing the skin with a radiant and fresh feel.

Benefits of OxyGeneo Facial Treatment

The OxyGeneo facial treatment at Revive beauty Solutions holds many benefits for your skin, including:

● Exfoliation
● Nourishment and Hydration
● Rejuvenation, and
● Oxygenation

Moreover, the treatment is well suited for all skin types and textures. Due to the hydrating effect, you also get smooth and flawless skin after the treatment.

Trust Us with OxyGeneo Facials

Revive Beauty Solutions provides the ultimate skincare and hair removal treatments that remove all that is unnecessary and enhance your beauty. We are experts in treating a variety of skin conditions like acne, aging lines, wrinkles, pimples, etc.

If you're looking for expert OxyGeneo facial treatment in London, Ontario, look no further than Revive Beauty Solutions. We are the leading spa in the city to take care of your skin. Call us at 519-639-7075 or email at seemarevivebeautysolutions.ca to schedule a session today.



OxyGeneo Facial in London Ontario | Revive Beauty Solutions

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